IoT-centric smart vending platform and solutions for vending operators and smart venues.

The most comprehensive smart vending solution in the market

+ Automation, optimization and 24/7 real-time visibility and remote control to vending operators and their employees for optimal running of vending operations.

+ Enhanced mobile experience for vending machine consumers at smart venues.

+ Exceptional OEM/ODM customization services tailored around your vending manufacturing needs, allowing for greater flexibility.


For Vending Operators

Our next generation smart vending solution brings together the best of Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility and Cloud technologies to help vending operators automate, visualize and optimize their vending operations. The solution supports multiple stakeholders including Operators, Refill Attendants and Technicians, providing each role complete visibility and control over their respective tasks. In addition, the solution is infinitely customizable, thanks to business rules based orchestration, which effectively makes it very amenable to even non-technical operators to customize the solution specifically for their business environment.


  • Smart Vending Portal – for Operators to get visibility and control into their operations
  • Smart Vending Apps – for Refill Attendants and Technicians to get their tasks, notifications etc.
  • Business Rules – completely customizable, with no coding needed.
  • Interoperability – Data Model and APIs enable extensibility of the solution and interoperability with other devices/solutions

For Smart Venues

Smart Venues are all about providing immersive experiences for the end users. Whether it is a stadium, an airport or a mall, smart venues provide their users with apps, kiosks and other interactive elements to help them explore and enjoy everything the venue has to offer. Vending machines of various kinds are an integral part of these venues – and now, with our solution, venues can enable users to not only discover vending machines nearby to them at the venue, but also help them gain visibility into what’s in these machines.


  • SDK - Easy to integrate smart vending into your app, for enhanced venue experience
  • Location Based Discovery - Discovery of vending machines and other devices (like cameras, billboards) at the venue
  • Interactivity - Once discovered, interact with vending machines (and other devices) based on the services they expose
  • Visibility - Real-time visibility into the contents, availability and pricing of products in the vending machine, thru the app


The Smart Vending Solutions for vending operators and smart venues are both built on a flexible IoT platform that facilitates customization and interoperability.

Whether it is the business rules or the look and feel – all aspects of the smart vending solutions are customizable and extensible with minimal effort. Similarly, at the hardware level, the flexibility of the smart vending board allows for integration with any kind of peripherals that your vending machine might need to have.

Similarly, interoperating with other solutions, devices and services can be done easily because of the underlying IoT platform with powerful device agents for device/sensor/gateway level integration, extensible server extensions and extensive APIs and SDKs at the cloud level.

Hardware Platform

AAEON’s credit card size vending board provides an exceptional modern-day vending platform experience for both operators and consumers alike.

Serving as the "brains behind the machine", AAEON’s vending board conveys highly advanced telematics, providing optimal machine control by its operators, including real-time monitoring of purchase patterns, inventory management and functional diagnostics, hence maximizing profitability while minimizing machine down-time.

Additionally, AAEON’s vending board allows consumers to always be in-the-know of nearby vending machines and their product availability with a few simple clicks of an app from any mobile device. AAEON’s vending board platform makes the unthinkable an astonishing reality.

Learn more about AAEON's hardware offerings.

Software Platform

The Smart Vending solution is built on Kii's IoT Solutions Enablement Platform, making it extremely flexible for customization and interoperability. The platform enables all three layers of a typical IoT solution - the sensor/device/gateway layer, the cloud based smarts layer and the app/API layer.

+ Device and Gateway Agents enable the sensors/devices/gateways, enabling them to communicate bidirectionally with the cloud.

+ The cloud based middle layer provides all necessary backend functions that typical IoT solutions need to manage users, data, devices, notifications, manage analytics, run backend logic thru business rules and code etc.

+ The top layer is the API and SDK layer that enables mobile/web apps and services of IoT solutions.

Learn more about Kii's full range of IoT services.

Turnkey Design & Manufacturing

Well known OEMs turn to Sanmina for turnkey vending product realization. Sanmina designs and manufactures complete systems as well as metal enclosures, plastic components and cable interconnect systems.

Technology partnerships which Sanmina has established with embedded computing providers and other third party manufacturers provides customers with access to a wide range of off the shelf technology.

One partner for supply chain management of commercial off the shelf technology combined with design and manufacturing of enclosures, cable harnesses and complete systems greatly simplifies supply chain complexity for vending OEMs.

Learn more about Sanmina Vending Design & Manufacturing.


The vending industry in the United States alone is about $20 Billion...

...with about 5 million machines and 50 million transactions per day. While the vending machines have been evolving technologically, the advent of the Internet of Things presents a big opportunity for vending operators to capitalize on technology to make vending machines “connected” and “smart”, opening up the doors for a wide variety of use cases spanning cost savings and revenue generation.

In addition to the two solutions we are currently offering, there are numerous IoT enabled opportunities that you might want to capitalize on.

  • Revenue generation opportunities with on-screen ads while the customer is buying product
  • Cost saving opportunities with remote power down of machines based on historical/projected buying patterns
  • Vending machines doubling up as wireless hotspots
  • ...and more.

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April 19-21, 2017 | The Venetian | Las Vegas, NV

As the premier event for vending, coffee services, micro market and food service professionals, NAMA OneShow is the meeting place for the entire convenience services industry. [View website]

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About Us

Three companies with synergistic technologies to bring full-fledged smart vending solutions to market

Bringing the hardware smarts to smart vending

AAEON is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms. Committed to innovative engineering, AAEON provides integrated solutions, computing hardware and services for premier OEM/ODMs and system integrators worldwide.

With continuous pursuit of innovation and excellence, AAEON became a member of the ASUS Group in 2011, further strengthening its leadership fueled by advanced technology from ASUS and leveraging resources within the group. AAEON is posed to offer more diversified embedded products and solutions at high standards to meet world-class design and manufacturing demands for years to come.

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Bringing the software smarts & IoT platform to smart vending

Kii enables customers across the world to rapidly create compelling IoT solutions with its scalable, easy-to-use, feature-rich IoT Solutions Enablement Platform. This global platform enables all three layers of a typical IoT solution (things, services, apps), thereby significantly reducing the time it takes to create solutions, freeing up the customer to focus on their solution differentiation. Kii provides a flexible deployment model (public cloud, dedicated cloud, private cloud) globally, thereby enabling seamless solution deployment for customers of all sizes.

In addition, Kii delivers Solution Accelerators in select verticals, which provide customizable, rules-driven, multi-stakeholder reference solutions, complete with device adapters, data models, APIs, business rules driven orchestration and web/mobile apps to significantly reduce both the time to market and cost of vertical IoT solutions.

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We put it all together and make the machine for you

Sanmina Corporation is a leading integrated manufacturing solutions provider serving the fastest-growing segments of the global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) market. Recognized as a technology leader, Sanmina provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions, delivering superior quality and support to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) primarily in the communications network, computing and storage, defense and aerospace, industrial, medical, multimedia, automotive and clean technology sectors. Sanmina has facilities strategically located in key regions throughout the world.

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